Real-time Progress Reporting

Real-time Progress Reporting

We believe in complete transparency

The Recon dashboard is a comprehensive real time security audit war-hog. Every vulnerability is reported in real time essentially reducing the idle time of your team by 80%+.

A Nation Security Team

A Nation Security Team

Trust and Credibility is our USP

Recon Is Empanelled By CERT-In For Providing Information Security Auditing Service To Its Clients. Recon's competency has also been recognised in the list of Top 25 Most Promising Risk Consultants in India.

Cost Effective Plans

Cost Effective Plans

We engage with our clients for the long term

We engage to become your trusted security team and not just a service provider. Apart from single audits, we also engage in annual subscription plans for a dynamic technology company.

A Complete Management Suite

A Complete Management Suite

The buck stops here

Our dashboard has everything you require to comply with your security needs. It features vulnerability tracking, task assignment and management, and live chat support with the auditor.


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Sign Up

Once you register with a valid company name and official email, you will be introduced with you account manager. Your account manager will familiarise you with the Prolabs dashboard and the team, who will be working with you to provide the premium service that you require from us. Through this process, SAST will often find issues like buffer overflows and memory leaks, along with more complicated vulnerabilities like SQL injection issues and cross-site scripting issues.

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Start The Audit

Once you are logged in, you can directly upload an app for an audit. A dashboard is present to display the information regarding all the uploaded apps and contains the information regarding the type of Audit, date uploaded and the status of the file.

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Track & Patch

Testing application with only one form of testing tool leaves residual risk. Apps should be tested with both techniques to yield the most comprehensive testing.

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Patch Verification & Deployment

Once the Vulnerability is patched, you can change the patching status accordingly from your end. After completion of all the necessary tests or checks on the particular URL and depending upon the user requirement, the status shall be closed and your app will be ready to be deployed.


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